Trespassers Fortnite: Where to Eliminate Them

Photo by Epic Games

Trespassers have taken over Fortnite this week and it is up to the players to eliminate them. Unlike other quests this week, this one will require a little bit more preparation. Killing these things take a decent weapon and maybe some shield, so make sure you come prepared.

There are a couple of ways to find trespassers in Fortnite this week. The first one is to simply head over to Holly Hatchery where you can find many trespassers patrolling the area. Drop down and scour the buildings for some loot, and then head outside where you will surely meet a trespasser within seconds. Take three of them down to complete the quest!

Trespassers Fortnite: Where to Eliminate Them

There is another way to find trespassers, albeit harder. When you first start a game, check the map and you will notice that there will be three locations on the map that are glowing in purple. Land at any of these locations, find a gun, and look up. You will see some UFOs that are being piloted by trespassers. Shoot these UFOs down and trespassers will rise from the debris. You can then knock down and kill these trespassers to finish your quest!

These are all the ways to find and eliminate trespassers for this week's Fortnite quest. Good luck!