Trey Lance Madden 23 Rating: Breakdown, Overall, Statistics

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

With the first weekend of NFL Football in the books, one player's rating fans might be wondering about for Madden 23 is quarterback Trey Lance.

Trey Lance is the new starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers after getting drafted third overall during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lance was the third quarterback taken in the draft, behind Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. He also just started his second season in the NFL.

Entering the season, Trey Lance is ranked 72 overall in Madden. While that might seem low, some of his categories are pretty high. He is an 87 overall in speed and 91 overall in acceleration, those stats were seen during Lance's first game this season against the Bears.

Trey Lance Madden 23 Rating

Lance is 89 overall in agility, which is pretty high for a quarterback. His stats start to fall off when you look at his strength, catching rating and awareness.

Lance has all season to prove why he deserves to be a high rated quarterback in Madden 23, the only way he will get bumped up though is if he proves it.

While Lance had some good flashes in the 49ers first game, he was far from perfect. He completed just 13 of 28 passes and threw for just 164 yards.

Lance is rated near the bottom when it comes to starting quarterbacks. He is tied with Jared Goff in being rated 72 overall, and the few players above him include Zach Wilson, Carson Wentz and Justin Fields.

The interesting thing for the 49ers is that their backup quarterback is actually higher rated than Lance. Jimmy Garoppolo, long time starter turned backup, is actually a 77 overall player.

This season should either show that Lance deserves to be higher rated or that Jimmy Garoppolo might deserve to start over the young quarterback.