Treyarch Nerfs Sliding, Weapons, and More in Cold War Beta

Call of Duty Cold War Beta New Nerf's Sliding, Weapons, and More
Call of Duty Cold War Beta New Nerf's Sliding, Weapons, and More / Photo Courtesy of Treyarch

With the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta recently being made available to all who pre-ordered the game on their respective system, it was only a matter of time before the beta received its first patch. This new update brings tons of new changes as the franchise gets set for the seventeenth installment's release date.

The nerf to sliding was probably the one most players expected after the beta was released exclusively on PlayStation 4 early. In many videos posted by pros and casual CoD players when the beta first launched, you could see many players were abusing the mechanic. This in turn made it extremely difficult for players to hit shots on their opponents. To combat this, devs reduced the initial slide impulse and the time duration in which a player could slide for.

Among the many weapons, attachments, and field upgrades that were nerfed, the ones that stood out to most were the assault rifles. Specifically, the Milano 821 and AK-47 because both were being regarded as two of the heavy favorited AR's during the beta's release so far.

The AK-47 received a reduction in recoil which would make the weapon more steady when fired. The Milano now requires five shots to kill an enemy depending on the distance. These changes to the performance of the gun are major, so expect the beta's meta to shift.