Triada Blessings Walkthrough for Far Cry 6

The Triada Blessings Side Quest requires players to collect a relic from all three regions
The Triada Blessings Side Quest requires players to collect a relic from all three regions / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 is one the hottest games of the year despite only coming out a couple of weeks ago on Oct. 7. As players boot up the game and begin exploring Yara there are a plethora of side quests they can take advantage of to get rewards and improve their gear.

One such popular side quest is the Triada Relic Blessings Side Quest, more well known as Triada Blessings. Here's a walkthrough of the quest so players can get their rewards and work to take down the Castillo Regime:

Triada Blessings Walkthrough for Far Cry 6

Before beginning the Triada Blessings quest, players must first complete Fuel The Revolution and The Guerilla main missions. After completing these missions, a NPC with a "!" above his head appears in the Cabeza Fuel Depot. Approaching and speaking with him will begin the Triada Blessings quest.

The first destination players must travel to is the Oluwa Cave, marked on their map. Once arriving players will have to navigate the cave before they find themselves in an opening where there's a note and some symbols drawn in the ground. The area also houses two chests that players can open to obtain gear and another note. Finding this spot adds three treasure hunts to the player's maps, one in each region, which can be completed at any time and in any order.

Triada Blessings Walkthrough: Fary Cry 6
Triada Blessings Side Quest will take players all over Yara to find the Triada Relic hidden in each region / Ubisoft/VoltaxImages

Ida's Triada Relic Location

Ida's Triada Relic is located in the Madrugada region and can be found inside of Lunatico Caves which are located in Lozania.

Triada Blessings Walkthrough: Far Cry 6
The location of Ida's Triada Relic marked on the map / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

To get to the Lunatico Caves players must make their way to Dos Monjas Mogote and then search for a purple gem icon where there's a mural with the Triada symbol appearing on a cliffside and purple smoke rising next to it.

From here players should grapple up the cliff to the very top where the cave entrance awaits. Inside the cave, players must navigate a series of ziplines that require them to let go before the zipline ends to gain enough momentum to connect to the next one. Players just need to follow these, destroying boarded-up routes with gunshots until they reach the end of the path where the relic awaits.

Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic Location

Mimo Abosi's Relic is located at the McKay Global Drill Site D in Catalina Ridge, part of El Este region. Players will likely have to kill a few guards at the site before beginning the treasure hunt.

Once players clear the area, they will need to immediately go to the hut and obtain the Fan Room Keycard. Then follow the purple gem icon to a gate leading underground, where players will shoot the lock.

Triada Blessings Walkthrough: Far Cry 6
The location of Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic marked on the map / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Players must then go through the water (where they'll likely be electrocuted) and follow the cable back up and outside where an orange generator is located. Shoot the generator to make the water safe again before swimming through the water and reaching an elevator shaft with toxic gas guarding it.

Since players cannot take the elevator they should go left to another gate which is unlocked with the keycard obtained earlier, flip the switch on the orange box to turn the fans off and make the elevator shaft safe to use.

Players then will rappel down the elevator shaft where they will find Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic.

Oku's Triada Relic Location

The final relic, Oku's Triada Relic, is located in a fort in the Cruz Dev Salvador section of the Valle De Oro region.

Triada Blessings Walkthrough: Far Cry 6
The location of Oku's Triada Relic marked on the map / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Players must wait until nighttime to open the front door, when the time comes players must press a switch located the first mirror which needs to be destroyed manually. After pressing the switch, a room opens to the left with a note directing players to press buttons on the table in a specific order (middle, left, right).

From there players go upstairs to the piano and look at the note, a section of the wall opens revealing the Dungeon Key. Using the key on the door near the entrance and proceed, shooting boarded up passages until players reach an area full of mannequins. At the back of the room is a column with a red button, press the button to blow up the well outside. Rappelling down into the well and swinging to a ledge reveals the Oku Triada Relic.

Once players collect all three Triada Relics they must return to the Oluwa Cave and place the relics down in the prompted spots. Doing so reveals a chest where players will receive the La Varita weapon and Truesight- Stealth Supremo.

The Supremo will need to be used when the cats attack, after the brief fight the Supremo will allow players to determine which cat to revive. This cat becomes players' Oluso Amigo.