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Tribes of Midgard 1.03 Patch Gameplay Changes: What's New

Photo by Norsfell

Tribes of Midgard has enamored plenty of fans with its Viking co-op action, and its newest 1.03 update has brought some new changes to its gameplay. Beyond the standard fixes for glitches and bugs, there are some notable changes to gameplay, and how certain characters function. Here's what you should know about Tribes of Midgard's newest update.

Tribes of Midgard 1.03 Gameplay Changes: What's New

The most notable changes introduced are related to the gameplay modes, Saga Mode and Survival Mode. In Saga Mode, there have been decreases to enemy health, most likely balancing the game so the players are overwhelmed. Survival Mode is also easier to unlock now, reducing the required level to Account Level 2, instead of Account Level 3.

For weapons, durability is increased across the board, with swords, axes, hammers, and bows getting buffed a decent amount. There are also some miscellaneous changes to repairing equipment, plant harvesting, helthing loot, and others that can be viewed in detail with the official patch notes.

Two classes in Tribes of Midgard, the Ranger and the Guardian, are receiving damage boosts to Ullr’s Step and Laws of Attraction respectively.

Tribes of Midgard has been a huge success, with plenty of players diving in with their friends. For those wanting more classes to try and unlock, here are our guides to unlock the Seer and the Berserker. For those looking to boost their weapons and deal more damage to enemies, finding Brennalfar Amber will help destroy those pesky fire monsters.