Tribes of Midgard Best Class: Who to Pick?

The Seer class breakdown
The Seer class breakdown / Norsfell Games and Gearbox

Tribes of Midgard's best class is a bit contingent on what your playstyle is like.

Tribes of Midgard Best Class: Who to Pick?

At the beginning of your adventure in Tribes of Midgard, your crew will only consist of the default Rangers and Warriors. Unlocking any of the other six classes will bring some needed variety in what you bring to the table in your tribe. Here are the other six classes to unlock:

  • Warden
  • Seer
  • Berserker
  • Sentinel
  • Ranger
  • Hunter

If you are looking for the strict "overpowered" classes, look no further than the Warden or Seer. If we were to make a tier list, Warden and Seer would most definitely be in S or S+ tier.

Class Breakdown

The Warden comes equipped with an extra Rune slot, and has a very powerful passive ability allowing the Warden to pay fewer materials to craft anything - period. You will be crafting a lot of potions, and the Warden can pump them out at a more efficient rate.

The Seer is the go-to healing and spellcaster class, being able to pocket heal the classes like Berserker or Warden who are getting into the thick of things. The ability to revive teammates is super valuable, and cannot be overlooked.

The Berserker is a super-strong pick too, pumping out crazy damage numbers once you fill your Berserker's Wrath meter fully. Activating the meter will cause an active ability that deals massive AoE damage. Crowd control like stunning is something the Berserker is also equipped with, meaning they can deal with bigger packs - especially with a Seer by their side.

Just as the Seer is the go-to healer, the Sentinel would be the go-to tank in Tribes of Midgard. Prioritize giving your Sentinel the means to craft the best shields and heaviest armor, as they will be the ones to soak up a lot of the damage. The ability to parry incoming attacks with an opportunity to stun makes this class pretty potent. The Sentinel is another example of a class that shines greater with a Seer by its side.

The Ranger and the Hunter can be lumped together, as they are both solid bow users that have one unfortunate weakness: they use bows. It may sound silly, but bows are currently decently underpowered compared to melee options that the other classes have access to. By no means should you feel discouraged to play either of these classes for this reason, as you can still fill a vital role in a tribe as a Ranger or Hunter. At the end of the day, play what you find the most fun, regardless of tier lists or power rankings.