Call of Duty

Trippy Glitch Turns Warzone Into Rainbow Road

Image courtesy of Activision

A strange Warzone glitch has turned one player's game into a trippy psychedelic nightmare, reminiscent of Rainbow Road.

"Legit took me a sec to realize I wasn’t watching Mario Kart" is what one Redditor said after viewing a video of the glitch. Yesterday, user noahhhhhmm took to Reddit to post a video of a very unique glitch that they briefly encountered whilst playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

Posted to the Warzone subreddit, the video shows the player driving through the map where the textures had all been replaced by vibrant, shiny prismatic colors. As far as Warzone glitches go, this one is actually pretty cool. Many commentors were quick to agree: "I fancy the acid look quite honestly."

Trippy Glitch Turns Warzone Into Rainbow Road

It's unclear exactly what has triggered this particular glitch, so players looking to replicate it might have to do a bit of experimenting. Not everyone remains convinced that it was a glitch, however. Some commentors have suggested that the issue might actually be with the player's graphics card. Some players have had similar experiences when playing in Verdansk previously, but again, it seemed like the issue was with the graphics card.

Regardless, the video has got us low-key hoping for an official mode that replicates this look. Though granted, trying to secure any kills in this environment would likely be near impossible.

The strange textures seemed to sort themselves out once the player made their way inside a building, crashing them back into reality. This glitch isn't the most frustrating one to crop up in Warzone Pacific lately, but Raven Software certainly do have their work cut out.