Trombone Champ Controller: Can You Buy Trombone Controllers?

Holy Wow Studios

Trombone Champ, Holy Wow Studios' popular new title, was released on Sept. 15 on PC. Featuring songs playable on trombones, its gameplay relies heavily on simulating playing a real trombone. The game recommends using a keyboard and mouse as players can move the mouse back and forth to slide the trombone and click to start playing.

Trombone Champ contains over 20 playable songs and a free-play mode in which players can improvise their trombone skills however they like. While the game can be played with a USB controller, it was initially exclusively promoted as playable for keyboard and mouse--however, some players have begun wondering if using an actual "trombone" controller is possible.

Can You Buy Trombone Controllers?

Unfortunately, trombone controllers can't be bought for this game. In an interview with PC gamer, Dan Vecchitto, its main developer, spoke about his initial idea for a trombone controller, saying that he "suddenly had the idea for an arcade cabinet with an enormous rubber" as a trombone controller. Soon, though, Vecchitto realized that using the keyboard and mouse to move the trombone slide forward and back was enough to feel like the real thing. The pitch and notes of the trombone are completely up to the player's movements, and as a result, a keyboard and mouse, rather than a controller, is the suggested way of playing the game.

Trombone Champ is currently only available on PC through Steam for $14.99.