True Power of Echo Revealed on Overwatch PTR

True Power of Echo Revealed
True Power of Echo Revealed / Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The true power of Echo has been revealed after Blizzard released the newest Hero to their Public Test Region. Echo Flight and Movement abilities, combined with her Ultimate, make Echo one of the more over-powered heroes in Overwatch

True Power of Echo Revealed

Echo's Ultimate is Duplicate. When in Duplicate, Echo targets and mirrors an enemy hero for 15 seconds. In those 15 seconds, she quickly charges the duplicated hero's ultimate ability and gains full health, regardless of what health she was at before the switch. If Echo dies during her Ultimate, she returns to herself at full health. 

Paired with Flight and Movement abilities, Duplicate is one of the best ultimates available. Enemies will have to act fast to counter Echo as they won't have any idea who she will turn into. Her movement abilities are boosted when she interacts with walls or ledges, which means that Echo can move across the map before the enemy team even makes it out of their spawn. Her abilities are great for when you are in a tricky situation and need to escape. 

Another trick that has been revealed is Echo's static pose. Her right-hand covers part of her face, which makes headshots difficult at certain angles.