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Try Spring Racing in the Overwatch Workshop

Overwatch Workshop Sprint Racing is the latest creative mode from Workshop enthusiast DarwinStreams.

The Overwatch Workshop grants players the freedom to mod the game to their liking. DarwinStreams became popular on the Overwatch Reddit for their creative modes. The latest, entitled Sprint Racing, is a twist on Soldier: 76.

Here's everything you need to know about the mode.

Overwatch Sprint Racing pits players against each other in a Soldier: 76 mode only due to his sprinting ability. The objective of the mode is to sprint from the two spawn points marked by checkpoints.

As players sprint, their character becomes faster and faster. If contact is made with an object, such as a wall, momentum is lost and players must regenerate their speed. The first Soldier: 76 to reach 15 checkpoints win the race.

To download Sprint Racing, use code CGKAS in the Overwatch Workshop.

Photo courtesy of DarwinStreams