Tunic Ability Cards Explained

Image courtesy of Funji.

Want to know everything about Ability Cards in Tunic? We've got you covered.

Hidden in chests throughout the game, Ability Cards can give you special upgrades and buffs to enhance your gameplay. By using Golden Coins, you can expand your number of card slots so you can equip more Ability Cards.

Now that you understand what Ability Cards are in Tunic, here's what they each do.

Tunic Ability Cards Explained

The list above was posted on Reddit by user TobiasAmaranth, where they revealed a simple guide to ability cards. Here's what each one does:

  • Orange Peril Ring: Raises attack when low health
  • Cyan Peril Ring: Raises defense when low health
  • Inverted Ash: All HP potions become MP potions
  • Anklet: Movement speed is increased slightly
  • Perfume: Stamina recovery is increased
  • Tincture: Attack is increased, defense is decreased
  • Bracer: Reduces the stamina cost of blocking
  • Lucky Cup: Enemies drop health hearts (15% chance)
  • Muffling Bell: Enemy detection range is decreased
  • Louder Echo: Retrieving Echo-of-Soul knockback is increased
  • Scavenger's Mask: Protection from Miasma/HP drain
  • Dagger Strap: Magic dagger cast time is reduced
  • Magic Echo: Retrieving Echo-of-Soul restores some MP
  • Fire Sword: Sword ignites enemies, but HP becomes 1
  • Aura's Gem: Parry timing window is slightly increased

With this neat guide, you should have an easier time using Ability Cards to help fight opponents and explore in this new action-adventure game.