Tunic Game Language Explained

Image courtesy of Funji.

Want to know everything about the game language in Tunic? We've got you covered.

In Tunic, you will come across puzzles, secrets, items, and more. Best of all, the world is open-ended with a unique game language that many are struggling to translate.

Here's what you need to know about the game language in Tunic.

Tunic Game Language Explained

There is no way to translate the glyphs in Tunic through an in-game function. Nevertheless, there are many forum discussions where fans have been asking if the fictional language can be translated and it seems that Reddit user Oposdeo might have cracked the code.

In a reddit post by Oposdeo, he uploaded a detailed guide on translating the language, what the symbols stand for, and how he deciphered the in-game language. According to Oposdeo, the Tunic game language is English, but phonemes are used and each one has a character. If you are interested in translating the language, you can check out his reference sheet to help.

With this neat guide, you should have an easier time translating the game language as it has meaning and can contribute to the story. Just keep in mind that none of the in-game language leads to any new secrets.