Turnip Profit ACNH: Best Way to Make Money

Turnip Profit ACNH: Best Way to Make Money is as simple as buy, wait, ace Calc III, and sell
Turnip Profit ACNH: Best Way to Make Money is as simple as buy, wait, ace Calc III, and sell / Nintendo

Turnip Profit ACNH in regards to making money is something all players should keep in mind if they're looking to make their island the best it can be.

Turnips can be bought from Daisy Mae, granddaughter of sow Joan, every Sunday before noon on your island. Stalks can be bought for around 100 bells, but may dip below 90 on occasion. Once bought, they can then be sold to Timmy and Tommy Nook for a rated price that chances twice daily. Your goal is to buy when the turnips are lowest and then turn around to sell them when their rate is the highest.

Sounds simple, right? Yeah, that's what fans thought, too.

Turnip Profit ACNH: Best Way to Make Money

As it turns out, there is an entire in-game algorithm exclusively dedicated to dictating the stalk market behind the scenes. Several players have data-mined this and determined four patterns for pricing per week: Small Spike, Big Spike, Random, and Decline.

Random is random. There is no prediction for this one. Simply hold on tight and hope for the best.

Decline is simple yet disappointing. Your prices fall and never recover. While this may be deceiving at first--other patterns follow this path to start—players have reported that if you haven't seen an increase by Thursday then its confirmed. Apologies, but you are in the worst timeline.

Small Spike is exactly what it sounds like—a small spike in your prices. It mimics a Decline pattern in the beginning, but eventually starts with a slow increase. Prices should increase four times consecutively and then being their descent once more. Sell at the fourth increase for maximum profit.

Big Spike is where the money is made. This pattern mimics both Decline and Small Spike before you strike gold. The earmark your looking for its a one-point small spike and immediate descent. If you find this to be the case, wait for your prices to skyrocket another three times and sell at the third.

For those who don't have the time or patience to do furry mental calculus—other fans have you covered. Several websites and smartphone apps have popped up to solve the equation for you. Plug in your numbers every day and you'll be all set.