TviQ Released From the Florida Mayhem

Kevyn "TviQ" Lindström has been released from the Florida Mayhem after being benched in April.

Nothing has seemed to work for the Mayhem as the team went 0-7 in Stage 2.

Mayhem shared some words on TviQ, "Yours has been a historic run, full of trials and triumphs. Since joining Misfits in 2016, you've contributed to some of our brightest moments as a franchise - and for that, we will always be grateful. We wish you nothing but the best."

TviQ also shared his thoughts and plans for the future, "On a more serious note I'll be looking forward to serious rest until my next opportunity whether, It has been a unfortunate situation I've been put in and i hope the new team can bring mayhem more wins in future. So stay tuned fans!"

We will probably not see TviQ play until Stage 4 or even next year.

Photo courtesy of the Florida Mayhem