Twitch Hits Record 3 Million Weekly Average Viewers

Twitch continues to boom even as COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out.
Twitch continues to boom even as COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out. / ESPAT Media/Getty Images

Twitch cracked 3 million weekly average viewers for the first time this week, according to financial research firm Finbold, peaking at 3.03 million weekly average viewers.

That new peak represents a 22.17% increase over the same time in April of last year. Between January and April, the number grew 4.12%.

Finbold attributes much of the growth to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people indoors and online.

"Most people turned to video gaming platforms for entertainment" during the pandemic, writes Finbold writes. "The reliance on digital entertainment pushed Twitch viewers to new heights. With most authorities still imposing lockdown and stay-at-home orders, many people are still seeking solace from digital platforms, and Twitch might benefit further."

Finbold says the number of active weekly streamers on Twitch has also jumped up significantly, growing from 93,750 in April 2020 to 121,808 in April 2021 — a 29.92% increase.

Despite initial skepticism that Twitch's new users would stick around, current trends may indicate Twitch is making these users permanent members of its user base. Finbold notes that despite the U.S. rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine, user retention remains strong.

As Twitch grows, it becomes more appealing to mainstream media. Jimmy Fallon of "The Tonight Show" announced plans to host his first ever Twitch live stream Tuesday night, featuring celebrities and celebrity streamers alike.