Twitch Streamer Accidentally Leaks New Apex Legends Skin

Courtesy of Mande

Apex Legends streamer Mande accidentally showed off a leaked Wraith skin on stream when a hacker joined his lobby with the leaked skin equipped.

Leaked skins are nothing new in Apex Legends as it is nearly impossible to keep anything a secret nowadays. While players have seen different artworks and renders for Wraith's new prestige skin, seeing it live in a popular Twitch streamer's stream is a different experience.

In the clip, the hacker named "eternalblue/chinaman" joined Mande's lobby for a brief moment before leaving. While clearly confused, Mande mistakes the hacker for a developer of the game before realizing that he just accidentally showed off a skin that is not officially released,

While fans have clearly had a sneak peek at the prestige Wraith skin before the developers intended, seeing it in game live on stream from a famous player is different. When Mande finally realized what was going on, he laughed and said "It’s next season’s skin? No shot. Oh my God, an exclusive. Am I getting banned for leaking a Wraith skin too early now?”

Although players are itching for this skin to get an official release, Respawn Entertainment have been tight-lipped about when the Wraith skin will be officially available, though rumor has it that it will take place sometime during season 15 of Apex Legends.