Call of Duty

Twitch Streamer Finds a Game-Breaking Bug With Fortune's Keep Zombie Easter Egg


Two days ago, a Warzone player by the name of TheMeatMaker uploaded a Warzone clip on Reddit. The video in question saw TheMeatMaker and the rest of his squad complete the zombie easter egg featured in the new rebirth resurgence map Fortune's Keep.

What seemed like a routine completion of the easter egg resulted in mass chaos. Instead of one zombie spawning in, TheMeatMaker was able to spawn in over 10 zombies, creating a hoard that followed them around the map.

With the new Warzone season bringing a new map for the popular rebirth resurgence game mode. Fortune's Keep has improved upon the previous map Rebirth Island by increasing the size, adding more verticality, and incorporating various easter eggs and secrets.

The Redditor did not explain how to complete the bug, but he did mention that he was able to do it multiple times. TheMeatMaker also discussed briefly that by repeating the process multiple times, his squad was able to gauge the number of zombies it would take to crash the game.

In the clip provided, the game did indeed crash, resulting in a frozen screen. With the exploit just being found, it's unclear if or when Raven Software will patch it.