Twitch Streamer Lands 124m Grenade Kill in PUBG

Twitch streamer, hambinooo, landed a ridiculous 124m grenade kill during a PUBG match.

Like with most Reddit posts, the unbelievable seems to happen every day as players and streamers alike pull off impossible plays. Just yesterday, Kaymind pulled off a drive-by Kar98 headshot. It's what makes PUBG special.

Hambinooo spots two players further down a hill and immediately knocked one down with his AWM. He quickly reloaded and tried to repeat the process on the other player but missed. Instead of going for a third, he pulled a grenade and chucked it down the hill before he started getting shot from behind.

He heads behind cover only to see the kill feed pop up with a 124m grenade kill. What do you think? Luck or skill?

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp