Apex Legends

Twitch Streamer Loses Apex Legends Match After Glass Eye Pops Out

A Twitch streamer losing an Apex Legends match after his glass eye pops out is definitely a new one. Twitch is home to a wide variety of streamers, personalities, and accidents, but this particular event isn't something you ever see.

Twitch Streamer Loses Apex Legends Match After Losing Glass Eye

Streamer Mayor Reynolds lost a ranked Apex match because his glass eye popped out of the socket. Three squads left in the match and Reynolds exclaims "Oh my God" as the glass eye shoots across his streaming set-up and makes a small "dink" sound off the equipment.

Reynolds got up from his chair, recovered the glass eye, leaves the room, and assumingly does whatever needs to be done to properly return the glass eye to its rightful position. Upon his return, he is downed from a Gibraltar Ultimate - although his teammate did make a halfway decent attempt to protect him considering the position he left in.

After he resettled, he explained what had happened and why. “For those of you who don’t know or maybe didn’t believe me, I have a glass eye. And it just flew out on stream,” he stated. “It just fell out. That has never happened to me in my life, that my eye has fallen out on accident. And it just happened live on stream.”

He continued, “I’m not touching it just because. You know how your eye gets crusty in the morning sometimes when you just wake up? That’s what my glass eye is doing right now.”

Definitely an unfortunate event, but at least no damage came to himself or the glass eye. He even gained +44 in rank points.