Ubisoft Clarifies Roller Champions Intentions

Image Courtesy of Ubisoft

Developers of Roller Champions made a clear statement yesterday that the game will go on.

The announcement, made via Twitter, stomps out rumors of the game's cancellation. In their words, "Ubisoft fully supports it."

Roller Champions is a free-to-play, third-person sports game that was released on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC this past May, with a Nintendo Switch version following soon after in June. The virtual sport that makes up the gameplay is sort of like Roller Derby, but with a ball.

During the matches, teams of three players compete on a looped track, which they roller skate around to funky music. The objective of the game is to put the ball through the opposing team's goal, in a manner akin to Rocket League, namely, using acrobatic maneuvers and violence to make it happen.

Optimism Amid Rumors, Reviews

Rumors of the game's demise may have originated several days ago when members of the Xbox Era Podcast speculated on the game's discontinuation.

In any case, the game has been subject to mixed reviews since its release. In addition, if
If TwitchTracker is any indication of player participation, player numbers seem to have dropped since their height following the post-release hype.

Still, there are things to be optimistic about, given the developer's address. Although the game's base may be small, it's still free. As the developers note in their announcement, they're not only committed to making the game better based on player feedback, but promise to "push a patch that includes cross-invites so that we deliver on the game's promise to be a resolutely social experience."

Who knows, if patches are put in place to improve gameplay, and the word spreads, viewership, and player-ship could trend up. Until then, players of Roller Champions should keep an eye out for future updates to the game.