Ugly Video Game-Themed Christmas Sweaters You Need This Holiday 2023 Season

The Legend of Zelda Sweatshirt
The Legend of Zelda Sweatshirt / Target Corporation

Finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater is a tradition for many people. Whether it has bulky decorations, an off-putting character design, a heinous pattern, or all of the above, there’s no better to spread holiday cheer. 

Leave it to avid gamers to search for ugly game-themed Christmas sweaters. We’ve got 14 sweaters you might be interested in.   

Ugly Video-game-themed Christmas Sweaters You Need 

We found the best ugly Christmas sweaters at Target and Hot Topic. Both places have a majority of Nintendo-themed ugly Christmas sweaters, with the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises dominating. We also found that both retailers have similar product designs and patterns.

Ugly Game-themed Christmas Sweaters at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a 30% off sitewide sale for a limited time, so you’ll want to check these out. The prices below don’t include shipping. 

Nintendo Mario Bit Ugly Holiday Crew Sweatshirt - $27.23

Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Video Game Cowlneck Long-Sleeve Girls Top - $32.83

Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Video Game Hoodie - $32.83 

Sally Face Ugly Sweater Girls Slouchy Sweatshirt - $25.83

Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Holiday Cowlneck Long-Sleeve Girls Top - $32.83

Super Mario Bowser Wreath Ugly Christmas Sweater Cowl Neck Long-Sleeve Girls Top - $32.83

Ugly Game-Themed Christmas Sweaters at Target

Target has many Nintendo sweaters, but this store has more variety than Hot Topic. They also have online sales that save buyers up to 33% off. The prices in this section also don’t include shipping costs.

Pokemon Men's Santa Pikachu Holiday Fair Isle Ugly Christmas Sweater - $40.95 

Dragon Ball Z Men's Kid Goku On Cloud Nimbus Ugly Christmas Sweater Pullover - $34.99

Men's Nintendo Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt - $39.99

Naruto Shippuden Men's Akatsuki Red Cloud Ugly Christmas Sweater Cardigan - $38.95

Men's Nintendo Ugly Christmas Peach Wreath Sweatshirt - $39.99

Juniors Women’s Nintendo Ugly Christmas Luigi Wreath Cowl Neck Sweatshirt - $29.98

Juniors Women’s Nintendo Ugly Christmas Legend of Zelda Triforce Cowl Neck Sweatshirt - $29.98

Men's Nintendo Ugly Christmas NES Classic Controller Sweatshirt - $39.99