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Ultimate Eggs in Madden 21 Explained

Photo courtesy of E.A Sports

In the theme of Easter, EA Sports has introduced ultimate eggs on Madden 21 Ultimate Team. For those who don’t know what the eggs are, they are items that you get in egg packs that contain players. There are small, medium, big, and of course ultimate eggs. The ultimate eggs are harder to pack, but they are worth it.

The ultimate egg will either have a team logo, MVP logo, or another type of logo on the egg. What exactly is inside the egg we don’t know, but they will be revealed on April 4.

Ultimate Eggs in Madden 21 Explained

However, we do know that the ultimate egg will contain a player that correlates to the logo on the egg. Say you pack the ultimate egg with a Saints logo on it. There will most likely be a very high 90’s rated Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara card in there.

You will have to have some luck and some coins to get the ultimate egg though. You will have to continuously open packs, hoping to get lucky.

You only have a few more days until April 4 when the eggs are revealed so go open some packs!