Ultimate Scream FIFA 20: Best Scream Cards

The first set of Ultimate Scream FIFA 20 cards were announced Thursday by EA Sports featuring players like LA Galaxy's Zlatan Ibrahimović and Manchester City's Sergio Agüero.

Ultimate Scream FIFA 20: Best Scream Cards

The most outstanding card in this pack of players would obviously be Sergio Agüero, who boasts an overall rating of 91 and excellent stats in all relevant stats for a striker, especially excelling in shooting (92) and dribbling (90). Players lucky enough to unpack him this Halloween season will certainly see a spooky increase in their win rate after adding him to their Ultimate Team roster.

Yet another striker tops the ratings alongside Agüero in this week of Ultimate Scream cards, with Zlatan Ibrahimović having a respectable 88 overall and great shooting stats (90) and dribbling (88). While these stats point to Ibrahimović being just slightly worse than Agüero, you certainly wouldn't be mad to see him after you unpack this week's Scream cards.

Other players also boast an 88 overall rating like James Rodriguez and Thomas Muller. The entire pack is full of great players that can certainly have a great impact in improving your Ultimate Team even if you don't get powerhouses like Agüero or Ibrahimović.

Here is the full list of players included in this week's pack of Ultimate Scream FIFA 20:

  • ST: Sergio Agüero, Manchester City - 91
  • ST: Zlatan Ibrahimović, LA Galaxy - 88
  • CAM: James Rodriguez, Real Madrid - 88
  • CAM: Thomas Muller, Bayern Munich - 88
  • ST: Edin Dzeko, AS Roma - 87
  • CAM: Dele Alli, Tottenham Hotspur - 87
  • CB: Alessio Romagnoli, Milan - 86
  • CDM: William Carvalho, Real Betis - 86
  • CM: James Milner, Liverpool - 86
  • RM: Jesus Navas, Sevilla - 85
  • LM: Raphael Guerreiro, Borussia Dortmund - 85
  • CAM: Marcel Sabitzer, RB Leipzig - 85
  • CB: Nicolas Otamendi, Manchester City - 85
  • LM: Bernard, Everton - 84

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports