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UMG Fortnite: Week 2 Results

UMG Fortnite week 2 wrapped up Friday. Here's how competition shook out.

UMG Fortnite is the organization helping to put together Keemstar's Friday Fortnite, the fan-favorite tournament featuring many of the game's top streamers. Week 2 of competition wrapped up Friday. Here's how things shook out.

UMG Fortnite: Week 2 Results

Week 2 of Friday Fortnite saw the teams enter a double elimination bracket. Teams advanced to the next round by scoring more kills in their game than their opponents did. In the end, FaZe Tilt and FaZe Jarvis took home first place, beating FaZe Nickmercs and Nio in the finals. The FaZe duo will take home $10,000, leaving $7,000 for second place and $3,000 for third. Here's how the top three broke down:

1. FaZe Tilt & FaZe Jarvis
2. FaZe Nickmercs & Nio
3. Grandmateets & deez of outcast

Also in competition were Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, TimTheTatman, NRG MrSavage, NRG benjy, TSM MYTH, Guy "DrDisRespect" Beahm, KingRichard and dozens of other top competitors and streamers. The full bracket can be seen on the UMG Gaming website here.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games