Under the Waves Release Date

This deep-sea adventure will be rewarding.
This deep-sea adventure will be rewarding. / Parallel Studio

Parallel Studios and Quantic Dream bring players a new deep-sea, narrative-driven adventure named Under the Waves. We follow Stan, a professional diver searching for solace as he battles the torment of loss and trauma in the North Sea. Strange events unfold as Stan descends, and the grieve-stricken diver must choose to move on from his past or succumb to the pain.

Under the Wave sounds like a fulfilling journey of self-discovery, and players are wondering when it will launch.

Under the Waves Release Date

According to the launch trailer, Under the Waves will be released on August 29, 2023. It’ll be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One for $29.99. As of writing, there’s no price listed for the PC version (available via Epic Games and Steam). It will likely be the same price or slightly cheaper than the console version. Target and Best Buy sell physical copies of the game for $39.99.

Pre-orders are only available for console versions. Players will get 24-hour early access if they pre-order a copy of Under the Waves. 

The developers labeled Under the Waves as a “love letter to the ocean,” and a gorgeous letter it is. The game features a techno-futuristic setting in the 1970s, where Stan discovers beautiful oceanic creatures and plant life. Players will explore the sea with the diver’s submarine and swim in the vast underwater world. 

Parallel Studio encourages players to investigate every nook and cranny to collect materials and craft equipment. Venturing off the diver’s path will also allow players to learn about his heartbreaking past. In other words, Under the Waves might be a tear-jerker.

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