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Under-Used Cold War SMG Has the Potential to be the Best Sniper Support

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Popular YouTuber Metaphor claims that the LC10 is the best sniper support weapon in Warzone, but more specifically Caldera. The popular content creator is a heavy supporter of the Cold War SMG, saying that it is “slept on” and that it's “definitely a top-tier sniper support.”

The LC10 graced the top of the meta back in Season 2 of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, but fell off after it received substantial nerfs. On WZranked, a popular website that details gun stats and meta-data, shows that the gun is heavily underused by players currently with a pick rate of 0.26%.

Content creators are no stranger to finding hidden gems amongst Warzone's massive catalogs of guns, and here's what makes the LC10 one of those sneakily fantastic weapons.

The load out Metaphor uses is this:

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
Barrel: 13.9’ Task Force
Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
Stock: Raider Stock
Magazine: 45-round

The LC10 has super high mobility, and is great at mid range and close-quarter situations. It also boasts a solid TTK. It may not be a high-tier weapon, but the potential is certainly there. If you're looking to change up your loadout, definitely give the LC10 a try.