Underrated AR Has Best Long-Range TTK After Secret Buff in MW3

Check out the AR with the best TTK in MW3.
Check out the AR with the best TTK in MW3. / WhosImmortal, screenshot by Amanda Langell

Although the Holger 556 still dominates Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 lobbies, an underrated AR now has the best long-range TTK after a secret buff.

Even with Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 just a few days away, players are still undercovering the best weapons and loadouts to run in the latest Call of Duty. As the Rival-9 dominates the SMG category, the Holger 556 and MCW are undoubtedly the most OP and popular ARs in the game. Plus, the Bas-B is arguably the best gun in the entire game, as long as you are fine running a battle rifle.

The meta received a recent shakeup, though, when Activision handed out multiple nerfs to the Holger 556, including decreased headshot, neck, upper-torso, arm, and hand damage multipliers. As a result, other options, like the MTZ-556, are rising to the top of the meta.

Underrated AR Has Best Long-Range TTK After Secret Buff in MW3

The MTZ-556 is an underrated AR that now has the best long-range TTK in MW3. The weapon got an inadvertent, secret buff since the other dominant long-range weapons got nerfed.

In his latest YouTube video, MW3 and Warzone content creator, WhosImmortal, breaks down the best weapons to run after the latest weapon changes. Of all the weapons in the game, he ranks the MTZ-556 as the third best gun in MW3.

WhosImmortal stated, "On paper, [the MTZ-556's] TTK is best in class right now post-update for the long-range." Plus, he points out the weapon is "a lot easier to use than most MW2 guns."

The MTZ-556 is a higher skill gap weapon, though, than the Holger 556 or Bas-B. It is not as easy to shoot or maneuver thanks to its recoil.

WhosImmortal explained, "Its damager per mag combined with its somewhat shaky recoil because the fire rate is so fast does limit it some."

Best MTZ-556 Loadout in MW3

Check out the best MTZ-556 loadout in MW3, courtesy of WhosImmortal.

  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Barrel: MTZ Drifter Heavy Long Barrel
  • Muzzle: L4R Flash Hider
  • Underbarrel: Chewk Angled Grip