Unknown Ana and Echo Settings Make Ultimate Use More Accurate

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

A rather incredible Ana and Echo settings change can make their ultimate use more accurate. Players that main both know the frustration of using either hero and clicking the wrong person for their ultimate. You would think it would be more embarrassing for Echo since they turn into another person, but have you ever Nano Boosted a Mercy? It's mortifying.

If you didn't know every specific hero has a settings button, and that's no different for Ana and Echo. Click either hero's settings and scroll down to a "target confirmation" for their ultimates. this will allow you to safely choose a hero to target.

The best part is you can activate it a few seconds later, allowing you to click the hero of your choice, reposition then click it again, activating the ability. It doesn't matter if they're off-screen or behind something, the ultimate will go into effect. This should save you from dangerous situations or panic-pressing someone and wasting your ultimate. Something that happens a lot in Overwatch.