Unlock the New Nuke Skin in MW3 Warzone: A Complete Guide

Here's how to unlock the new Nuke skin in MW3 Warzone.
Here's how to unlock the new Nuke skin in MW3 Warzone. / Activision

Wondering how to unlock the new nuke skin in MW3 Warzone? Check out our full guide, plus when exactly nukes are coming in Warzone Season 1.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1 brought new Battle Royale map, Urzikstan, to the game, finally replacing the unpopular Al Mazrah. The fresh playground, along with gameplay and movement improvements, have made the major update a resounding success. To add to the hype, Raven Software recently teased the upcoming nuke skin, and fans are dying to get their hands on the exclusive reward.

Here's everything you need to know about getting a nuke and claiming the free Champion's Quest rewards in MW3 Warzone.

MW3 Warzone New Nuke Skin Revealed

The MW3 Warzone new nuke skin was revealed by Raven Software after Call of Duty leaker, CODWarfareForum, and CharlieIntel posted a photo of a similar, yet different "leaked" Nuke skin.

Raven Software replied, "Don't know what that is. We like this one. Coming soon." They then attached a 30-second preview of the actual Nuke skin coming to the game, featuring an Operator with an orange, radioactive glow.

Several prominent members of the gaming community responded with praise for the new skin. 100 Thieves co-owner, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop posted, "So so fire. Crushing it guys."

Now that Raven Software confirmed the biggest nuke reward in Warzone, fans want to know exactly how to get it in-game.

How to Unlock the New Nuke Skin in MW3 Warzone

To unlock the new Nuke skin in MW3 Warzone, players must complete the Champion's Quest on Urzikstan. After players win five Warzone matches in a row, they must successfully build and detonate a game-ending nuke in their sixth game. The exclusive skin is just one of several free rewards players can unlock by getting a nuke in MW3 Warzone.

There is, though, a twist to nukes in Warzone Season 1. Although Activision and Raven Software have not revealed the full logistics just yet, they teased that it is possible to steal a Champion's Quest contract from an eliminated team on Urzikstan. It is unclear if those who complete a stolen nuke will still receive the full rewards available.

When Can You Get a Nuke on Urzikstan?

Players can get a nuke on Urzikstan starting in Warzone Season 1 Reloaded, set to launch on either Jan. 10 or Jan. 17. Players have just under a month to master the new map before their quest begins in the midseason update.