Overwatch fans appear to have discovered a nerf to Ashe that Blizzard left out of the notes for the latest patch.

Overwatch Patch arrived Tuesday, bringing the Anniversary event and the Workshop to live servers. The official patch notes listed only two hero changes, making Baptiste's Immortality Field and Wrecking Ball's Minefield move when placed on moving platforms.

Fans claim a third change was left out of those patch notes. Since the patch, Ashe can no longer earn ultimate charge while B.O.B. is deployed, effectively slowing the charge rate of her ultimate.

Ashe has never earned ultimate charge from B.O.B.'s damage output, but until Tuesday's patch any damage she personally dealt while B.O.B. was active still counted toward her ultimate charge. While it's hard to quantify exactly how much this slows Ashe's ultimate charge rate, it's clearly had an impact.

Some similar ultimate abilities, such as Wrecking Ball's Minefield, allow the hero to continue earning charge. Others, such as Mei's Blizzard, work as Ashe's now does.

Blizzard has yet to comment on whether the change was intentional or not.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard