Unova Stone Evolves What Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

The Unova Stone evolves what Pokemon in Pokemon GO?
The Unova Stone evolves what Pokemon in Pokemon GO? / Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

The Unova Stone evolves what Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Trying to keep track of what Pokemon the coveted Unova Stone evolves in Pokemon go can be a bit tricky, especially if you don't know what the item even is or where to find one. For those confused or curious, read on to learn more about the item brought recently into the game, and what it means for your Pokemon-catching adventures.

Pokemon Go Unova Stone: What is it?

Similarly to the way the introduction of Sinnoh Generation Pokemon gave Pokemon Go players access to the Sinnoh Stone, the recent flood of Generation 5 Pokemon making their way into the game herald the inclusion of the Unova Stone, a unique kind of Evolution Item that only works on certain Pokemon. We'll go into more detail on which ones specifically in just a bit, but first let's see if we can't get you one.

Pokemon Go Unova Stone: Where to Find and Which Pokemon to Evolve

It is said in many holy books that our world was built in seven days. While we here at DBLTAP have no opinion to offer on the difficulty of said task, a similar seven days of field research will give trainers a Unova Stone. So get out there and start spinning those Pokestops!

Once you've done the required labor, your new Unova Stone can be used on any of the following Pokemon.
-Lampent into Chandelure
-Pansage into Simisage
-Pansear into Simisear OR:
-Panpour into Simipour

Keep in mind all of these evolutions will also cost you 100 candy, so be sure to farm up on catching and releasing the required Pokemon to ensure you're ready to evolve as soon as that Unova Stone drops into your inventory.

Good luck out there trainers!