Unova Stone Pokemon GO Evolution List: Who's on the List?

Unova stones Pokemon GO evolution list is a list of Pokemon that evolve with the new Sinnoh stones. The next generation is expected to have a good amount on the list so be prepared to grind a lot to earn them.

Many in the Pokemon GO community were complaining about the drop rate for Sinnoh stones so be prepared for the Unova stones to be just as bad.

Unova Stone Pokemon GO Evolution List

This month saw a major new addition, with Pokemon from the series' fifth generation (Pokemon Black and White) appearing for the first time.

Hailing from the Unova region, there were new evolutions for Pokemon from previous generations, but they require a Unova stone.

As of right now, only three Pokemon require the stone to evolve, but be prepared for that number to increase as Niantic Labs releases more Unova Region Pokemon.

  • Pansage
  • Panpour
  • Pansear

The only way to earn a Unova stone is to finish the seven-day research task.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs