Unown V Pokemon GO: When is it Available?

Courtesy of Niantic
Courtesy of Niantic /

Unown V in Pokemon GO will be available specifically during a special event coming up.

Pokemon GO is hosting the event on May 29 at 12 a.m. local time to May 30 at 11:59 p.m. local time. Players should order a ticket in order to participate in this event and catch special Pokemon.

Unown V Pokemon GO: When is it Available?

This special weekend event will feature rare Pokemon spawns, Timed Research quests, and chances to utilize Incense. From collaborating with 7-Eleven in Mexico to Yoshinoya in Japan, players can catch different forms of Unown, depending on their location. In the United States, Pokemon GO collaborated with Verizon, and players can discover Unown V when using Incense.

While players will be unable to catch a Shiny Unown, this Pokemon's regular appearance is still considered a rare sight in the Pokemon GO fandom. Fans have had a higher chance of catching this Psychic-type Pokemon during previous Pokemon GO events, but additional sightings of this Pokemon are still considered random.

Unown has 26 different forms that are inspired by letters of the Roman alphabet. The V form appears as an oval attached on top of Unown's eye.

Unown's go-to moves include Hidden Power, and Struggle. It is recommended to use these moves during PvP Battles.

The best counter moves to use against Unown are Bug-, Dark-, and Ghost-type moves. Players should use Unown when battling Fighting- and Psychic-type Pokemon.