Until Dawn Remaster Coming in 2024

Until Dawn is coming to PC and PS5!
Until Dawn is coming to PC and PS5! / Ballistic Moon

In 2015, horror fans were mesmerized by Supermassive Games' Until Dawn. The interactive drama survival game was praised for its story branches, plot twists, characters, and quick time events. Until Dawn originally came out on PlayStation 4, now more players can experience a revamped version of this living nightmare on other platforms.

Until Dawn Remaster Coming in 2024

Although there's no confirmed release date or price announcement, the slasher horror title arrives on PlayStation 5 and PC this year.

Tons of improvements are coming to Until Dawn this year. Of course, the new version of the game will have enhanced graphics. The developer of the remastered version, Ballistic Moon, is boosting its standards for the Until Dawn remake, leaving Guerrilla Games' Decima game engine behind and using the picture-perfect Unreal Engine 5.

That's not all. Players can even look forward to improved gameplay mechanics and a new third-person camera to make gameplay more immersive. There are also new collectibles, a fresh soundtrack, never-before-seen environments, and re-cut narrative sequences that dive deeper into the terrifying mystery at the lodge.

What is Until Dawn About?

If you've been living under a rock for the past nine years, you may not know what this cult classic is about. Allow us to explain.

A party at a lodge on Blackwood Mountain is going well until a prank goes wrong. After a year, eight of the friends from the party meet at the lodge despite the tragedy and the tension within the group.

Horrific events begin as the night progresses, and the player's decisions can kill or save the characters. The key is to get everyone to survive until dawn, though that's easier said than done.