Untitled Goose Game Secret To-Do List: How to Unlock

Untitled Goose game secret to-do list has been revealed! While Untitled Goose Game has proven to be one of the more fun and original indie releases of 2019, allowing players to engage in a wide variety of fowl shenanigans, there have been those who have complained about the game's length, or lack thereof.

For those looking to speedrun the game, experienced players can rush through the game in about sixteen minutes, while those taking their time will finish all tasks in around three hours.

While you may be bummed that all of your tasks have been checked off, fear not, for there is a secret to-do list unlocked after completing the main game. Here are all of the tasks assigned to the secret list:

  • Lock the Groundskeeper Out of the Garden
  • Cabbage Picnic
  • Trip the Boy in the Puddle
  • Make the Shop Scales Go Ding
  • Open an Umbrella Inside the TV Shop
  • Make Someone From Outside High Street Buy Back Their Own Stuff
  • Collect the Five Flowers
  • Trap the Boy in the Garage
  • Catch an Object as it's Thrown Over the Fence
  • Get Thrown Over the Fence
  • Dress Up the Bust with Things from Outside the Back Garden
  • Score a Goal
  • Sail the Toy Boat Under a Bridge
  • Perform at the Pub Wearing a Ribbon
  • Steal the Old Man's Woolen Hat

Image Courtesy House House