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Unused Files Could Point to a Possible Bestiary in Elden Ring

Image courtesy of FromSoftware/Bandai Namco.

One player has found unused files that could point to a possible bestiary in Elden Ring.

JesterPatches, well-known for diving deep into FromSoftware games, posted on Twitter that they had discovered icons not used in Elden Ring that point towards what might have once been a bestiary.

Here's everything you need to know about the hidden files.

Unused Files Could Point to a Possible Bestiary in Elden Ring

JesterPatches has found a series of images representing enemies and NPCs throughout Elden Ring that are leading others to believe that a bestiary was once planned. This feature would have been an encyclopedia for the enemies and creatures in the game. It would have likely displayed information discovered from fighting and defeating them.

It appears that each image has been found in two forms: dark and bright. The darker one is harder to see while the bright version is a lot clearer. This has led gamers to believe that the two different forms of images represent when a creature or enemy was discovered versus unknown.

JesterPatches states that there are "64 unique icons" and no "major bosses" in the files. This implies that the bestiary would have just established information on the regular enemies that are defeated throughout game play.

Since Elden Ring is a massive game, it's not surprising that players are still uncovering all kinds of secrets and cut content.