Uros Racic FIFA 21: How to Complete the TOTS Moments SBC

Photo by FUTWIZ

Uros Racic FIFA 21 La Liga Team of the Season Moments SBC went live May 9 celebrating the player's goal against Atletico Madrid this season.

Team of the Season Moments cards call back to spectacular plays from the season in specific leagues. It's a fun way to reward players for highlight moments even if they didn't have standout seasons. Valencia's Racic is the latest Moments card released during the Team of the Season promotion.

Uros Racic FIFA 21: How to Complete the TOTS Moments SBC

Here's how to complete the TOTS Moments Racic SBC:

  • One Segment
  • # of Players from La Liga Santander: Min. 1
  • Team of the Week Players: Min. 2
  • Squad Rating: 85
  • Team Chemistry: 65
  • # of Players in the Squad: 11

Fans aren't pleased with the pricing of the SBC, but it does have some interesting stats to be a viable midfielder. The unfortunate thing is that at this point in a FUT cycle, there are much better midfielders available in the game. Racic should be easier to craft considering the upgrade packs now available as well.

TOTS Moments Racic expires May 14.