V Rising Clan Size 1 Error: How to Fix

Courtesy of Stunlock Studios

V Rising players may have received a Clan Size 1 Error and not have known how to fix it. Clans are a great way to enhance your V Rising experience, but you'll need to tackle this small issue before you get to experience that.

Clans in V Rising allow players to group up in teams of up to four players to explore the world of vampires. Clans allow players to build bases together, support each other in combat, see each other on the map and many more cooperative features. To the inexperienced, though, complications can occur while trying to set up your own clan.

V Rising Clan Size 1 Error: How to Fix

While in the process of creating a clan in V Rising and having friends join, you might see a Clan Size 1 error. In order to resolve the issue, you'll need to go to the G Portal website and manually adjust the clan size setting.

Manually setting the value to whatever you want should be enough to resolve the issue and get you going with your very own clan. If that isn't enough to fix it, G Portal has a 24/7 support system that should be able to address the issue.