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V Rising Coarse Thread Guide

Courtesy of Stunlock Media

There are many complicated and hard-to-make resources in V Rising, of which many are essential to progressing the game. Coarse Thread is a somewhat difficult resource to find in the main world, yet is essential to key items that can help save you in the long run. Here's our guide on where to find Coarse Thread in V Rising.

Where to Find Coarse Thread in V Rising

Coarse Thread is a key ingredient to several main items throughout V Rising. These consist of Armor upgrades, to help you tank more damage, as well as build a fishing rod, which can allow you to farm more upgrade materials. However, you can't make Coarse Thread anywhere, it has to be found in various locations and farmed consistently.

The best way to find the thread is to go to Bandit camps and beat up the enemies there until they cough up the material you want. These camps respawn so you can go back and bully them whenever you need more. It's been theorized that Bandit Logging Camps are the best place to find them, as they tend to be a bit bigger, and thus offer more of a chance to find them. After that, you have access to late game upgrades, and are geared up to face any boss, even ones set in the Hallowed Mountains.