V Rising Silver Explained: Coins, Ore and More

We’ve compiled a short guide to how silver works in V Rising.
We’ve compiled a short guide to how silver works in V Rising. / Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

We’ve compiled a short guide to how silver works in V Rising.

Most players will likely have encountered silver first in its coin form — with interesting results. Upon touching Silver Coins for the first time, players may find themselves on the receiving end of some divine punishment as the resource deals aggressive damage equal to its weight. Fortunately, vampires need not suffer while carrying the currency forever.

Here’s what you need to know about silver, its uses, and how to avoid its wrath.

V Rising Silver Coins Explained

Players can pick up Silver Coins from any settlement in any random container. Usually, they’re found in chests, but some have reported obtaining them from barrels, crates, and more.

Sliver Coins will cause something known as “Silver Sickness.” The silver, itself, causes damage to the player in direct correlation to the amount of silver they’re carrying. This doesn’t mean they won’t be able to carry it around at all, however.

Players can drink a either a Silver Resist Potion or Brew to negate the effects of Silver Sickness, of which we’ve listed the recipes:

To make a Silver Resist Potion, players will need the following items:

  • Gloom Shroom: 32
  • Water-filled Bottle: 1

To make a Silver Resist Brew, they’ll need these items, instead:

  • Snow Flower: 20
  • Water-filled Canteen: 1

However, to use the Silver Coins, they’ll need to a unique V Blood ability gained by taking down Beatrice the Traitor: the Human Form transformation.

With both the potions and the new form, players can successfully masquerade as a regular human and spend their silver coins with merchants. Using Silver Coins, they’ll be able to gain access to special items such as gear, consumables, and more that they hadn’t been able to make, themselves, in their castle.

V Rising Silver Ore Explained

How else would Silver Coins be made without Silver Ore? Players can mine Silver Ore from Silver Ore nodes spread throughout a select few areas in the Silverlight Hills. However, it will inflict its carriers with the same Silver Sickness found in coin form.

It’s recommended that players do not carry more than they can handle and move swiftly from node areas to their base. They may also want to lock their silver away in Vampire Lockboxes for maximum security.