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V Rising Spider Queen Guide: How to Beat Ungora

V Rising: Rewards and How to Beat the Spider Queen
V Rising: Rewards and How to Beat the Spider Queen / Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

We've compiled a short guide on Ungora the Spider Queen boss in V Rising.

V Rising has an assortment of bosses players can track, encounter, and drain of their blood in order to obtain unique abilities in combat. Each region in the game has its own collection of bosses with their own combat style and rewards upon defeat.

Here's what you need to know about Ungora the Spider Queen.

Where to find Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising

Ungora the Spider Queen can be found in the center-north area of the Cursed Forest region inside the Spider Cave. Players should be able to spot it easily thanks to the spiderlings wandering about.

How to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising

This encounter should not be attempted until players hit level 60.

Ungora has two primary modes of attack: launching ranged, poisonous projectiles, and summoning adds to help her. Players will want to give themselves room to maneuver when battling her ⁠— easier said than done, of course, when the battle takes place in a cave.

They may want to deal with the adds before they focus on the queen, as well, whether that's taking them down or avoiding their explosions.

Ungora the Spider Queen V Rising Rewards

After successfully beating Ungora the Spider Queen and draining her for her V Blood powers, players will unlock the following rewards:

  • Unholy Ultimate: Volatile Arachnid ⁠— Summons multiple spiderlings that track enemies, exploding when near for 100 magic damage. Leaves a lingering cloud that deals magic damage and slows enemies by 25%.
  • Ghost Yarn Recipe
  • Silk Recipe
  • Spiderling Recipe

V Rising is currently available in Early Access on Steam.