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V Rising Wiping Specific Servers for a Refresh

Stunlock Studios

Stunlock Studios is wiping specific V Rising servers, allowing for certain groups and communities to start over from scratch. As mentioned in the announcement, this will not affect private and solo servers.

V Rising Server Refresh: Full List of Affected Servers

Here is the full list of affected servers.

  • EU #1365-#1382
  • AU #7055-#7060
  • USE #4244-#4249
  • USW #4325-#4330
  • USC #4265-#4270
  • JP #9026-#9031

This is some of the latest news to hit the V Rising community since hotfix back on July 8. For those confused why there are servers being wiped in the first place, Stunlock Studios announced new "PvP Servers" with this exact plan in mind.

"Today we will be opening with the new Scheduled Wipe Feature, including the highly requested Merciless Duo PvP servers. We will start with Scheduled Wipes. The number of days before the next wipe can be read in the information box on the right side of the server list. We will monitor the performance and game experience on these new servers. Potential changes in the reset schedule or other changes may occur further along the line, so please make sure to follow us on twitter and/or join our Discord Server to stay up to date."

Much like Escape From Tarkov, players will become too powerful at some point, and the servers will end up dying once one faction or player dominates the server. So to keep things fresh, the server will refresh, making everyone start over from scratch. This gives everyone an even playing field again.