V Rising Workshop Floor: How to Earn the Workshop

Courtesy of Stunlock Studios

As players start building their castles, they might wonder how they can acquire Workshop Floor. This flooring is necessary for players to create the Workshop Room.

V Rising is an open-world survival game that revolves around its dim vampire aesthetic. On top of the normal open-world gameplay, though, is a dynamic castle-building feature. Customizations range from purely visual improvements to rooms that can increase the player's various stats. The Workshop Room is one of several rooms that the player can add to their castle, as well as a Library, Alchemy Lab, and more.

How to Earn the Workshop in V Rising

In order to build a Workshop in V Rising, you need to cover an entire room's flooring in Workshop Floor. Only once the entire floor is covered in Workshop Floor will the room become a Workshop. To acquire Workshop Floor, players have to take down Grayson the Armorer in Farbane Woods. He's a Level 27 V Blood Carrier, so make sure to come prepared.

Once you've covered a room of your castle in Workshop Floor, you'll finally be able to reap the benefits of the Workshop Room. These benefits include faster crafting production speed as well as a decrease in the necessary items needed for crafting.