Valentine’s Day Celebrations in GTA Online: Everything We Know

Photo Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Valentine's Day has arrived in GTA Online, and with that comes new content, cash and RP boosts, and discounts on clothes, vehicles, and more.

The annual Valentine's Day celebration in Los Santos will grant players the ability to level up, cause mayhem, make some money, and even find true love... okay maybe except that last part.

GTA$ and RP Boost on Select Missions

Photo Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Get 3X RP and GTA$ when participating in the new Adversary mode "Till Death Do Us Part." In this mode, you and a partner team up to survive a battle with three other duos. When your partner dies, you die, you share the same one life. Stay together, however, and you regenerate whatever health you've lost. It's the ultimate bonding experience, and you can score some multiplied GTA $ and RP if you survive.

Access the newly added Adversary mission by hitting pause, going to ONLINE > JOBS > PLAY JOB > ROCKSTAR CREATED > ADVERSARY MODE.

Additionally, you can bring your shotgun and friends to Shotgun Wedding, a close-quarters Deathmatch located in a chapel tucked into Paleto Bay. Win or lose, you can also triple your RP and GTA$ in this game mode.

Even DJs are joining in on the gift-giving, with double RP and GTA$ granted for DJ missions. Reward yourself for completing these missions with complimentary champagne at any nightclub in Los Santos.

New Un-lockable Content

Photo Courtesy of Rockstar Games

If you complete any of the GTA Heists Finales during Valentine's Day Festivities, you'll receive a free Buckingham Luxe Tee as a reward for your work.

Additionally, head to the Diamond Casino and resort for a chance to win the top prize, a Vapid Dominator GTX, the ultimate muscle machine.


Photo Courtesy of Rockstar Games

On top of all of that, GTA Online players get discounts of 40% on Nightclubs, 30% on Nightclub upgrades and renovations, and 40% off the following vehicles:

  • Albany Roosevelt and Roosevelt Valor
  • Buckingham Valkyrie
  • Buckingham Luxor and Luxor Deluxe
  • Buckingham Swift and Swift Deluxe
  • Ocelot Swinge

Also, all Valentine's Day related guns and clothing receive a 30% discount, including the Valentine's Day Massacre Gusenburg Sweeper and Valentine's Day outfits.