Valheim Copper Deposits: Where to Find Them

Where to find Copper deposits in Valheim.
Where to find Copper deposits in Valheim. / Photo by Iron Gate Studio

Wondering about Valheim copper deposits and where to find them? Copper deposits are a resource in Valheim that can yield several materials. They are useful for mining resources that can aid players in their Viking journey.

When mined, Copper deposits can yield both Copper ore and Stone. Copper ore can be turned into Copper using a Smelter, which can then be crafted into Bronze. Stone can be used to build a number of valuable engines such as a Forge, Smelter, and Blast Furnace. More uses for resources in Valheim can be found on the game's official wiki.

Valheim Copper Deposits: Where to Find Them

Copper deposits can be found in the Black Forest biome in Valheim, usually on huge mounds of earth or rock. The Black Forest's location is randomized in every game, but it is always adjacent to the Meadows biome. Copper deposits are dome-shaped outcroppings embedded into the ground that can be identified by their yellow streaks.

Copper deposits require at least an Antler pickaxe or better to mine. The amount of material yielded depends not only on deposit size but also on mining techniques. It is possible to harvest entire patches of copper deposit by collapsing all the surrounding terrain.