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Valheim Greydwarf Eye Use: Everything You Need to Know

Valheim Greydwarf Eye use
Valheim Greydwarf Eye use / Iron Gate AB

In Valheim, Greydwarf Eyes are among the most common crafting items found in the game. Valheim is the new Viking survival game that is currently the top seller on Steam. Players find and craft items to build weapons, strongholds, and more to survive the dangers of the Nordic wilderness.

Valheim Greydwarf Eye Use

Valheim is known to be vague in regards to the game's crafting items and their uses. Fortunately, Greydwarf Eyes are some of the most useful items available in Valheim. They do not have much use at first, but hoarding them proves beneficial once the player learns how to create portals.

Greydwarf Eyes can be collected after they are dropped by defeated Greydwarf enemies. Greydwarfs are a common enemy that appear in the Meadow and Black Forest biomes. The higher tier the Greydwarf, the more likely that it is to drop a Greydwarf Eye.

Greydwarf Eyes can be used to create portals that allow players to quickly transport themselves from different points across the map. Portals can be essential to the game's experience given the massive scale of the procedurally generated maps in Valheim. Portals can only be created with an abundance of Greydwarf Eyes and must connect to one another in order to work.

The exact recipe for creating portals in Valheim is ten Greydwarf Eyes, twenty Fine Wood, and two Surtling Core. The recipe for creating portals is unlocked after the player obtains Fine Wood for the first time. Ores cannot be carried through portals, so mining returns must be made on foot.

Greydwarf Eyes can also be used to craft Wards, which prevent other players from entering your doors and building on your land. Wards still do not stop raiders and merely slow them down. Because of this, Greydwarf Eyes are best spent on creating portals.

Valheim is currently in early access and can be purchased on Steam.