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Valheim Mistlands DLC Release Date

Iron Gate

Valheim's Mistlands expansion update is on the way, but when does it release?

The long awaited update to the brutal survival game Valheim is in its Public Test Server. Eager players can already explore the brand-new Mistlands biome, adding in new creatures, new crafting stations and plenty of weapons, tools, gear and recipes.

Some of the new weapons set to make their way into the new update include the Skoll and Hati dual-wielding knives, the Spine Snap bow and a huge, two-handed hammer appropriately named the Demolisher.

While there's plenty to look forward to, the update hasn't yet been fully released. So, when can we expect it to launch?

When Does Valheim Mistlands DLC Release?

As of Nov. 22, the Valheim Mistlands update is only in the Public Test Servers. At the time of writing, developer Iron Gate has yet to announce the official release date. But, given that things are well and truly underway in the PTS, it likely won't be too long before we see the full rollout.

Valheim is available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows and Linux.