Valheim Planting Seeds Guide

Valheim planting seeds guide
Valheim planting seeds guide / Photo by Iron Gate Studio

In Valheim, planting seeds can guide you to consistent prosperity. Seeds can be used to plant trees that can provide ample amounts of both wood and core wood. They can also be used to grow crops that can be cooked into certain foods that provide boosts to health, stamina, and other attributes.

Having a small base with a forge is recommended before planting seeds. Once you have a forge you can create a fenced-in vegetable patch for your farm. Before gathering some seeds, you will need to craft a cultivator so you can start growing your own food.

Valheim Planting Seeds Guide

Before you are able to plant seeds, you must first craft a tool known as the Cultivator. The Cultivator can be assembled with five core wood and five bronze. Once you have a Cultivator it will allow you to create fertile soil and plant seeds.

Seeds in Valheim are not particularly rare but are only available in specific biomes on the map. Here is how you acquire the different seeds:

  • Carrot seed - found by harvesting white flowers in the Black Forest
  • Turnip seed - found by harvesting yellow flowers in the Swamp
  • Beech seed - dropped by Beech trees in the Meadows
  • Fir cone - dropped by Fir trees in the Black Forest
  • Pine cone- dropped by Pine trees in the Black Forest

Once you have both seeds and a Cultivator, you are ready to start planting. Equip the Cultivator and use it to turn the grass tiles in your vegetable patch into soil. Then, with the Cultivator still equipped, select a seed from your inventory and click on the soil to plant it.

Animals such as boars will try to uproot your growing crops, so make sure your seeds are protected by a fence. Plants need sufficient space to grow effectively, so make sure seeds are spaced out when planting them. Different crops that you can harvest from seeds include carrots, turnips, and several different trees.

Carrots and turnips can be used to cook healthy foods such as carrot soup and turnip stew. Beech seeds, fir cones, and pine cones can be planted to grow trees. Beech and Fir trees can be harvested for wood, while Pine trees provide core wood.

Valheim has been a huge hit on Steam and recently hit five million users in just one month of early access.