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Valheim Plus Mod Explained

Valheim Plus Mods Explained
Valheim Plus Mods Explained / Image by Iron Gate AB

Many players are unsure about the Valheim Plus Mod that exist in the popular new survival game and we are here to explain what they are to you.

Valheim Plus Mods Explained

Valheim Plus is a mod that was created by the a user by the name of "nX" for Iron Gate AB's popular new survival game. The purpose of this mod is that it is meant to make life easier for Valheim gamers in a variety of ways. It is able to modify a player's weight value, their food duration, increase item stack sizes and much, much more. You can find a full list of what Valheim Plus modifies by clicking the link here.

The mod is still in an early access state at the moment so there is no telling what else it will be able to do, nor how Iron Gate will react to this. As for "nX" they have currently put together a Patreon page in an effort to gain more support from the ever-growing Valheim community and there certainly is an argument for the benefits that Valheim Plus has bestowed upon players. But regardless of whether you use this mod or not, Valheim is guaranteed to provide you and your friends with a good time as you live out your Viking fantasies.