Valheim 'The Forest is Moving' Message Explained

What does it mean when the forest is moving?
What does it mean when the forest is moving? / Photo courtesy of Iron Gate Studio

Some Valheim players may be wondering what "the forest is moving" message that occasionally appears on-screen indicates. Although it may appear as something harmless, players should prepare themselves for a fight whenever they see the message.

Valheim is an epic game that amassed three million sales on Steam by the end of February. With the game's developers, Iron Gate Studios, introducing changes to Valheim over time, the game is evolving into something greater each day. Iron Gate recently teased their upcoming Heart and Home DLC.

The game is full of many surprises and mysteries. One of the most common events that players will encounter at the beginning of their journey is "the forest is moving" event.

Valheim 'The Forest is Moving' Message Explained

After defeating Eikthyr, the first Valheim boss, players will randomly encounter a message that reads as follows: "The forest is moving..." The event will continue to appear randomly until they have defeated the second boss, The Elder.

Once the event is triggered and players see the message on screen, they should arm themselves for a fight, as it is an indication that enemies are coming to attack. Players inside their bases should not ignore this message, as the monsters will proceed to destroy their homes.

During this event, usually, not many enemies show up, and if they do, they tend to be among the weaker kind like Greydwarfs. Once players have claimed victory and defended their homes, a message that reads "the forest rests again" will appear.